Brochure Jaume Pitarch

Brochure Design for the exhibition of Jaime Pitarch, The Practical Impossibility of Fasting. A brochure that follows the esthetics and choreography of the exhibit


Identity design for Trama, creating content for cultural media.

Paraules Pixeles

The aim of the exhibition "Pixelated Words. Literature in the Digital Age", the first of its kind in large format in the world, is to provide a gatewayto a literary reality that is still emerging, generated by a digital environment.

Palau Robert. Barcelona Prêt-à-porter 1958-2008. Mig segle d'indústria i moda Col·lecció tèxtil Antoni de Montpalau

Postcard to promote the exhibition, "Barcelona Prêt-à-porter 1958-2008", an exhibition held at Palau Robert, Barcelona.


A company based in Barcelona dedicated to distribute a great variety of spices with designation of origin specially for gourmets.

Círculo de Lectores

Exhibition graphics for "¿Le gusta Leer?", an exhibition held at Casa del lector, Madrid. Showing the historical development of Círculo de Lectores for the last 50 years. Círculo de Lectores is a literary and cultural club in Spain.

A+V. Agencia de Creadores Visuales

A+V, the first agency in Spain which is dedicated to represent visual artists for the licensing and contracting of their work as well as the legal assessment and defending of their authorship.

Palau Robert. Barcelona Prêt-à-porter 1958-2008. Mig segle d'indústria i moda Col·lecció tèxtil Antoni de Montpalau

Exhibition graphics for "Barcelona Prêt-à-porter 1958-2008", an exhibition held at Palau Robert, Barcelona. Showing the prêt-à-porter fashion in Catalonia for the last 50 years.

DHUB. Catalogue

Catalogue for the exhibition, "What to wear? The wardrobe of Maria Brillas by Pedro Rodríguez." Held at DHUB, Design Hub Barcelona.

SEA (COAC). Brcochure

Brochure given to children in guided tours, visiting representative buildings of XX century cutting age architecture in Barcelona.

Llull. Kurokawa

The exhibition "Llull. Kurokawa. A la llum de les idees", it's a dialogue between Ramon Llull's conception of the universe and the prodigious interpretation of artist Rioichi Kurokawa that with "unfold" makes of the cosmos.

Book about graphic identities in cultural institutions

Written and designed by Anna Subirós. An analysis of the different typologies found in graphic identities of selected museums and cultural institutions all over Europe.

Llengües a Catalunya. Catalogue

Exhibition catalogue for the exhibit "Les Llengües a Catalunya" at the University of Barcelona in partnership with. The graphic identity tries to show the diversity of languages living together in Catalunya.

SEA (COAC). Stencyl

Stencyl with household furniture cut outs, given to children attending SEA (Educational Service Architecture) workshops. They use the stencyl when asked to draw on a house plan.

Museu de Ceràmica Barcelona Promtional leaflet

Graphic identity for a collection of promotional leaflets for a series of lectures given at the museum.

Eurocities. Interactive tablecloth

An event in Barcelona where mayors from different european cities were invited to exchange views and future projects. The event was made less formal while socially more interesting by inviting guests to leave opinions, drawings, photographs...

Eurocities. Invitation

Invitation to the dinner held at the Palau Reial Pedralbes, Barcelona, for the Eurocities meeting.

CCCB. European Prize for Urban Public Space. Exhibition

Exhibition design in partnership with Roseta Mus Pons. Exhibition at Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona. The exhibition shows the participants, short listed and winners of the European Price of Urban Spaces.

Veles e Vents. Institut Ramon Llull

Identity design in partnership with Roseta Mus Pons. The Institut Ramon Llull's mission is to promote Catalan language and culture internationally, in all of its variations and methods of expression. The event took place in Napols, Italy.

Museu Zoologia. Exhibtion identity

Graphic identity for the exhibition, 'The diversity of life'. The graphic identity shows the wide diversity we can find in every living thing.

Identity for "Ca L'Antiga" a cultural space.

Brand identity for a cultural space, Ca l'Antiga, the identity has a close relationship to the space that overlooks the seacoast of El Maresme, Barcelona.

DHUB. Invitation

An invitation for the opening of the exhibition, "What to wear?" at DHUB, Design Hub Barcelona. The invite is a bracelet that can be worn as an accessory.

Museu de Ceràmica Barcelona Promtional leaflet

Graphic identity for a collection of leaflets anouncing workshops for schools given at the museum.

DHUB. Exhibition

Exhibition graphics for "What to wear?" An exhibition held at DHUB, Design Hub Barcelona. Showing the wardrobe of Maria Brillas, clothes designed by the well known spanish fashion designer Pedro Rodríguez.

Museu de Ceràmica Barcelona Signage

Signage for the Museum of Ceramics Barcelona. We redesigned their wayfinding introducing more functional signs in visible areas throughout the museum.

Jaime Pitarch. Web

Jaime Pitarch's work includes sculpture, drawing, video and performance. Often using humble everyday objects, the artist employs inventive and witty strategies of displacement to peel away at their routine uses and meanings.

Post-it Citiy. Exhibition

Graphic identity of the exhibition in partnership with Roseta Mus Pons. 'Post-it City. The Occasional Urbanities' exhibit illustrates the many different temporary activites i.e commercial, leisure or sexual, that can occur in a public space.

Anton Corbjn. Web

Anton Corbjn, is a Dutch photographer, music video and film director. He is the creative director behind most of the visual output of Depeche Mode and U2 for more than a decade.

Robert Wilson. Book

Designed in collaboration with Vera Daucher, published by Polígrafa. Robert Wilson is an American avant-garde stage director and playwright who has been called "America's foremost vanguard theater artist'".

Nespresso. Invitation

Comissioned work by Mahala Alzamora Communication. Concept and design in partnership with Roseta Mus Pons. The outside of the invite resembles a ceramic cup, while the inside is printed in a dark brown coffee colour.

Ricardo Devesa. Arquitectura

Brand identity for architect, teacher and author Ricardo Devesa. He's been a member in the directing team of the celebrated architecture magazine BASA, 'Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Canarias' (2004-2008).

SEA (COAC). Folder

A folder which introduces the DIN standard sizes and proportions to students attending workshops orginised by SEA. The goal is to provide guidelines so that they might begin to understand the basic concepts of architecture.