Palau Robert. Barcelona Prêt-à-porter 1958-2008. Mig segle d'indústria i moda Col·lecció tèxtil Antoni de Montpalau

Banners and street posters to advertise the exhibit, "Barcelona Prêt-à-porter 1958-2008", an exhibition held at Palau Robert, Barcelona.

Museu de Ceràmica Barcelona Signage

Signage for the Museum of Ceramics Barcelona. We redesigned their wayfinding introducing more functional signs in visible areas throughout the museum.

Museu de Ceràmica Barcelona Caption holders

New system for the caption holders of the museum. We were aked to design a caption holder easily replaceable when pieces needed relocation. We came up with the idea of printing the type of the caption on a magnet sheet.

FAD. Fostering Arts and Design Signage

Concept design for the signage in collaboration with Roseta Mus Pons. Graphic identity by Base. FAD is a private, independent and non-profit association that has the objective of promoting design and architecture.