A+V. Agencia de Creadores Visuales

A+V, the first agency in Spain which is dedicated to represent visual artists for the licensing and contracting of their work as well as the legal assessment and defending of their authorship.

Jaime Pitarch. Web

Jaime Pitarch's work includes sculpture, drawing, video and performance. Often using humble everyday objects, the artist employs inventive and witty strategies of displacement to peel away at their routine uses and meanings.

Anton Corbjn. Web

Anton Corbjn, is a Dutch photographer, music video and film director. He is the creative director behind most of the visual output of Depeche Mode and U2 for more than a decade.

Gunnar Knechtel. Web

Gunnar Knechtel is a german photographer, he has been comissioned feature stories by well known international magazines such us: Stern Magazine, Dwell, The Observer, Du, Colors...among others.


A website to publicize the programme and activities SEA. The Architecture Education Service encourages schools, and society in general, to dicover modern and contemporary architecture.